It’s not the quality or price of the camera, but the photographer BEHIND the camera that makes or breaks an image. The only way we can improve our photography is to practice and shoot a lot, not by breaking the bank and buying the latest and greatest.

My Work

This page shows you my little hobby called photography. I have Rafael,a Nikon D60 DSLR(my first ever) and Suxi, a Canon IXUS 970IS as my point and shoot. My Harry (kit lens 18-55mm) and Miguel (70-300mm VR) goes with daddy Rafael and they take most of my work while Suxi (Suzzy) is my handy one, great for macro shots and for my classroom use. They are the ones which keeps me busy and occupied (great stress-relievers too) on so-so days. They also are very essential in capturing great moments in my journey....

JW Marriot - 234 Urban Jazz Crossover

Dutch Cemetery -  Jakarta



First its just flowers...since Suxi came, macros became so easy...

Libingan ng mga Bayani

This is the National Heroes Cemetery in the Philippines. It was one of the must-shoot places in my list when I got back to the Philippines last Deember 2008. Well, i tried but looking now at my work, i think i will go back there soon and take shots again...but this is not bad for a first time... watcha think?

Windmills of the North

Rafael, Harry and Miguel made these shots possible... i saw this in a tourism advertisement on TV when i was having a break in the Phils. since i was also on the place for yet another escapade, i said, why not go there. With my charms in asking people around for directions, 2 bus rides and a tricycle (like a becak) brought me to this breath taking place....

Calle Crisologo

December 27-31 2008. One of the best times ever. It started out as a plan over coffee then I found myself waiting in the bus terminal for the next trip to Vigan,Ilocos Sur Philippines, one of the oldest city in the Philippines.