Shield 04/06/2009

Im back at work. Wi fi sucked almost the whole day in school until after 3pm. So here I am nang hahamig ng libreng wi-fi wahahahaha. I feel better, now that i got to see my kids again, got plenty of hugs from them, played with paint without limits (hehehehe) just pure enjoyment...check out  all in a day's work page for some -stressing for me, fun for my kids ;).

Work has always been my shield to whatever personal thing i have. Work is the only valid reason i have not to entertain the ill-feeling in my heart. Somehow being at work makes me feel needed, important and appreciated. In school, i can feel the love from my kids, giving me that extra kick to get out of bed & put myself together knowing that they need me too. My kids have always been my best shield from me breaking apart. Love you my



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