Long Weekend 04/09/2009

Well after 3 days at work, I have a long weekend to kill...there's an election today and Good Friday tomorrow.... im planning on working on the yearbook as i wasnt able to touch it during the term break as planned :D.

Well today has been weird... i was called a "kampung girl" by an anonymous texter, not to mention the threats that the sms-er knows me... creepy... IGNORE.... the only way to fight back some attention-seeking-michael-obssessed girl.... hahahaha

oh well... i watched Burn Notice series 1 the whole day with my mum... i just loved our sloth mood :D.....

tomorrow's Good Friday..birthday of Lius... i will go... saturday is going to be my shooting day. i want to submit my entry to this week's assignment at DPS... Sunday's gonna be my "back-to-work" mood to be on... i need to finish lay outing my events pages for the yearbook...



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