been into relationships.. not much coz it lasts years... ive always tried to fight for these relationships to work out... i tried up to the last thread....ive always believed that you should try to do everything you can before giving up... fighter, i am, if that's how you call it.... now im meeting guys...eligible bachelors, others - complicated... but none of them comes close to what i am looking for....

im tired of the cheap thrills of flirting.....im done with it...

i want something consistent...

someone stable and would let me feel secured...

someone who'd actually stay and not regret having done so....

someone who'd fight for me as well...and not only for relationship's sake....

i want commitment....


Waking up alone
in a room that still reminds me
My heart has got to learn to forget
Starting on my own
With every breath I'm getting stronger
This is not the time for regret
'Cause I don't need to hang on
to heartbreak
When there's so much of life left to live

Love is on the way
On wings of angels
I know it's true, I feel it coming through
Love is on the way
Time is turning the pages
I don't know when
But love will find me again

I am not afraid
Of the mystery of tomorrow
I have found the faith deep within
There's a promise I have made
There's a dream I'm gonna follw
There's another chance to begin
And it's coming as sure as the heavens
I can feel it right here in my heart

I don't know when
But love will find me again....


I see the couple are walkin` by
Feel like I
Don`t wanna be alone today
So glad no one can see what I hide
Deep inside
How it feels to be
The girl who never gets the right guy
Tell me why
When there`s so much I`ve got to give
I wake up reaching out in the night
Ready to hold him tight
`Til I realize
That nobody is there

When will it be me?
When will I be the one
Somebody`s dreaming of?
When`s it gonna be?
When will I find my heart
Lyin` inside the arms
That never let me go?

I`d really like to know
When will it be me?

My friends seem to have all the love
Knocks on their door and walks right in
I know that I am worthy of what I`ve been wishing for
I can`t wait no more
Love`s nowhere to be found


Feeling his tender touch
(Lying in his arms.)
Talkin` bout forever together
Givin` him all of my love
That`s been trying to break free

Don`t wanna be alone
No more
I`m telling you what I need
I want someone who loves me for me
And when will it be?
Wonder when will it be?


I ask myself
When will it be me?